Grilled Flank Steak

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Make some slits in the flank steak along the grain. If you do this only on one side it makes it easier to carve the meat at he end (carve slit side down)

Sprinkle both sides with: Onion powder Garlic powder Black pepper

Try to get the spices into the slits. I put the steak in my hand so the edges flop over the side and that helps open up the slits.

Marinade with: Honey Dark soy sauce Worcestershire sauce (about 2 TB per pound of steak)

Put in fridge for an hour

Grill (or broil). Flip half way to done.

Rest 5 minutes, cut against the grain and serve

Personally, I like my flank steak medium well. It takes 5 minutes per side under my toaster oven's broiler.