The xmas cube

I don't do Christmas/holiday cards. I am, however, a huge nerd so I did something different. I think of it as a malevolent greeting card since it burdens the recipient with a puzzle.

I mailed envelopes with a stack of 4.25"x5.5" (quarter page) cards and no explanation:

The tabs drawn on some edges are the common way to indicate that the patterns should be cut out and attached to other non-tabbed edges.
The text and color schemes provide clues as to how the edges fit together.
Nerd note: I made this in Open Office Draw

I prepared two hints incase people got stuck (these were mostly unneeded):

The finished product

These each took me about 5 minutes to cut out and assemble as I knew exactly what I was doing
Left: The final product
Center: The first demo I did to validate the lettering
Right: The first print came out blurry because I'm a n00b (the picture is actually in focus)

I had 21 printed card decks in the final run and mailed out 18. Between the prints, envelopes, stamps, and screwups, it cost about $50.

Pics from the field

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